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7 Сен 2021
The project of launching a ball with equipment to the maximum possible height.

Target: Photo-video fixation of the earth's surface. Calculation of the distance between two points with 3 coordinates. Visualization of the received calculations on the map.

Task: Raise the controlled video camera to the maximum possible height above the ground. Provide communication-exchange with a digital video camera in real time (at least 500 kilobits from the camera, and at least 5 kilobits to the camera for digital, or analog control)

Selected equipment:
Ball - NS-2000 - Allows to lift 3 kg for 32 km or 5 kg for 30 km

Parachute 150 cm - Allows you to lower from 2 kg to 5 kg of load.

Box - for mounting equipment and attaching to the ball

The electronics heating system is electric.

Satellite Beacon - Spot Gen 3
Battery - assembled from elements tested both in the stratosphere and in space 12V 3400mA / h

Communication + control - long-range communication / control system TBS Crossfire up to 100 km

Controllable camera - FH336 V2

As for the payload, we will start from the selected equipment (it is possible to launch several balls in a bundle to increase the carrying capacity)

1. A special online computer program is used to calculate (determine) the expected landing site of the equipment.

2. The necessary equipment for selection is available: bolt rover, ATV, paraglider (for target detection from the air).

3. GPS beacon satellite for determining coordinates anywhere in the world (not tied to the GSM network, does not depend on telephone towers).

4. For the safe descent of equipment, a parachute is provided; if it fails, the body is made of shock-resistant floating materials (the box is sealed with a heating system and internal air circulation).

5. The box is not transparent. A protective dome light (acrylic shockproof housing) is used for the camera. Project status: at the stage of assembling the structure

Planned project timeline: second half of September 2021.
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